November 05, 2011

Saturday thought!

I noticed this silly yet hilarious syndrome of the supporters for 
football/soccer, rugby, and even cricket team in the world cup.

When the favorite team win the game, 
the supporters start updating their facebook or tweets with 
" WE won! " 

But when the fav team lose,  they updating their social network with
" They play fair "
"They did stupid mistake"
" The referee being unfair to them"
"They are stupid!!"

Where is the "WE" word?




  1. lol. it is so true!
    what an amusing input. ;)

  2. El, gue sudah mempelajari fenomena ini pas dulu ambil communication studies. Ini namanya BIRG-ing. BIRG Basking in Reflected Glory. Dan ini fenomena yang cukup common di seluruh belahan dunia. My group sampai bikin research about this, bahkan kita bikin survey di forum ESPN segala heheheh. Dan ini normal banget terjadi, dan itulah cara membedakan fans yang sejati, atau yang cuma ikut-ikutan.

  3. hahahaha iya ya.. bener juga... :D

  4. haha that is so true!! I see that so mcuh it makes me think "silly people, always changing their minds" !!

    Also answering your question from my blog ~ moroccan oil is about £25 - £30 depending where you buy ^__^

    J <3

  5. indeed! in fact, i dont see this kind of group as supporter, only spectator who happens to watch the match and glad when what they want (read: the wanted team wins) is achieved. :)


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