November 25, 2011

I've been tagged!

I was tagged by eccentricxcrush!


1. Link back the person who gave you this award
2. Share 7 random things about yourself
3. Answer the favorite question
4. Award this to 7 blogger

7 Random things about me (again):

~ I collect eraser and fancy pencil
~ I love the feeling of rain
~ I start falling in love with Ski
~ I Wish to have baby girl
~ I enjoy day dreaming
~ I'm so into Art
~ I love guy with a hazel eyes


Name your favorite color:
Always in love with HOT pink and black.
Name your favorite songs:
I'm kinda oldies in this department, 
I love " shower me with your love ", " hey Mr. postman ",
" Lucky ", and " Love on top "

Name your favorite dessert:

What is annoying to you?

When you are upset you:
I keep quite and cry! 
Then I go and confronting the person who made me upset.
* I get upset by people not situation*

Your favorite pet:
Toy dog! the furry one and white color!

Your biggest fear:
Meeting psychopathy, and being tortured to death.

My best feature:
I love my eyes and smile ^^
I think I smile a lot with my eyes..and I love it.

My everyday attitude:
Cheerful, witty and blunt.
What is perfection:
Non sense!

Guilty pleasure:
Hanging out with bitches..
I got annoyed to the max but on the other hand I got too much story to tell to my girlfriends.

And I would like to tag this to

If you are free and you feel like answering this questions, feel free to grab it from here..and do let me know coz I'm interested to read your thoughts.

Muach muach!



  1. It's nice to know you more, El!
    Btw, fave petnya toy dog nih? bukan doggie beneran? :p

  2. Toy dog maksudnya anjing kecil sher :)

  3. hidup pink ya el....... hehehe...

  4. wadau, aku kena tag juga dong. hmmmm entar coba di jawab deh. hihihi

  5. Omgsh. I have missed this. I didn't see it on my dashboard.

    Thanks for doing the tag. :) I'm also into art. Anything from drawing to painting, making craft with objects you find in your household, & of course make up.


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