March 09, 2008

Sunday morning...^_^

Hoaamm..i'm enjoying my Sunday morning...well, Sunday afternoon ( 11.57 am )
..windy cloudy day..yaps! perfect for a lazy girl like me,

i'm laying on my bed..watching cruncyroll and continue to watch it as soon as i finish writing my "pearl jambu" and 1 cereal bar for my brunch!

Agenda for today:

* fitness club around 2.30 pm for hip hop class, somerset!

* pick Arief up around 6 pm, changi airport

# Dilemma, should i go back first after gym or straight to airport from somerset!

hold on, i'll call Jojo for accompany ~~ is she in the church?? -_-' ...uhmm..sms her!

no reply....yet!

~ waiting..


huix..she's in church camp!

Then i think i'll go back home first before go to changi!


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