March 27, 2008

diet time!

Oh my!! i juz measured my BMI ( Body Mass Index ), it's getting to over weight!!! again..OVER WEIGHT!

ok, you go to : here

then surprise urself!

mine is 25.9!!!! so it's in Overweight area!!!

Wut to do..wut to do...

Oh man!!! i hate this..i hate being fat!!

Actually it happens all the time, like now..when i eat carbo i gain weight! and when i stop eating carbo...i look slimmer and lighter, but there's no changing in my weighing scale..well there is! like 1-2 kg..but i want a fantastic droppin' kind of drop 5 kg in a month, so i can start wearing my sleeveless again! and shape my butt a bit!

I gain like 4 kg since i moved to SG..i dunno wut i eat that make me start ballooning like this!

and the worst part arm!! * pinching the extra flab on my arm*

you know when u lift ur arm like 90 degree sideways..then you shake it a bit..the flab is flagging...huix..*desperately seeing it*

Sumbody help me..
* arrgghhh...i know..i know..i should hv do diet, rite???

i will..i want to hv a good body...i really want it!

* -_-'

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