March 10, 2008

I want to have baby..

Ice pregnant..and's a baby girl!!
I'm quite amazed of how the baby react, i wanted to feel the baby i asked Eunice to talk to baby..*in case baby dun understand english!*
then Eunice said sumting like " little baby, bla.bla.bla..bla.." in mandarin! eh, suddenly the baby start kicking.."dug..dug" ahhhh....i feel like, i dunno..all feeling mixed up and i feel like having one too...
I want to have baby...
..i want to have her/his with my partner's love..
~ Don't say anything, i know..i know i'm too fast to say sumting like this! but, i think is a blessing for every women to pregnant and having a baby!
* want it so bad!

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