March 10, 2008

oh's coming! the feeling is here!!!

I juz read Veron's blog, she's a ballet and jazz teacher in OKH ballet..i read the one about her NY do classes in Broadway Dance Center, then i start to think about this..:

"What would my life be if i really back into this dancing line?"

Sumhow, i know i'm too old to be professional..but i juz LOOOVVVEEEEEE dancing! i love classical ballet, eventhough none of my bodypart support my will! hah!..but i'm deeply in luv with it! ~ i miss the old days, and my biggest regret was joining a WRONG ballet school since the beginning, and spent my first 9 years there!!!! damn it!

Hix..this feeling start to bug me, whenever i stop dancing..shit! should sign up for classes again!oh, 'till last month i joined Cheng ballet..go to their website : for more information!


both the teachers are professional dancer, so it's very exciting to learn more from their experience!

Will back for classes once i know when the travelling schedule is on!

~ miss Yaling's class

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