March 27, 2008

i love this guy..

I know it's a bit weird for me to write this post, like declaring my love so the whole world will know and so on and so all...
but i juz feel like record this moment into my blog, so sumday if i angry with him..i can spit out all my anger in this post


maybe i can finally say " i do " if i read this post over and over again..hahahaha...

Ok lah, this post is about arief ( my boyfriend ~ current boyfriend that i hope to be the last )

Actually, within this one year i finally know him better and deeper than before...i tot i know him very well..but i was wrong, i gez..

Anyway, he stays in the apartment opposite i can say we spent the rest of our time besides working, together!
All the habits and character are easily spotted, and of course i dun like sum of it....but i can still tolerate! or talk about it..not like the prev guy i dated! ( ok, i'm comparing him with my prev bf..whom i know as the most sensitive guy ever in the world!!!)

Let say things about:
1. Money
For me, i dun expect my guy always have to pay for everything..but i dun like if the guy pretend not see the bills or busy getting sumting else while Q-ing in NTUC or Carrefour or any kind of market!

~ he's good at it! i mean..sumtimes i offer to pay and he refuse if he know i dun have much money left to spent 'till the next salary!

( it's not like i'm a super crazy girl who spent a lot..but i joined this My saving account from POSB bank, so every month they deduct sum amount of money to my other, it juz like sumbody help u to save ur money..isn't that cool? well, but it really torturing me sumtimes..when i have the "unexpected" expenses, such as travelling that need to use my own money before i can claim it
~ my prev bf ever asked me to pay back his fuel after taking me to Dr....i'm so dam soei ( unlucky ) lah.

2. Time
He's on time...yay!
and i'm not so on time!

3. Attention
I got too much attention from him, except when he is paying attention to his lovely dota of course!
* slap DOta as hard as i can!

4. Love
He offer me his love..and i take it!

5. Protection
I'm not a kind of girl who need a guy to protect me day and nite with a shinning armor..and he knows it! but sumtimes he gives more than i expect..^_^

Eventho, there's sumting that still make me taking a deep breath, if u know wut i mean...things like:

1. Throwing his wallet, key, coin, bills, paper or wutever he has with him to his bed..
it juz so many unseen germs transfer from outside to his bed! and i often laying there...

2. Messy room!

3. Unsensitive feeling

There's one time when i was so damn angry with him..i tried to ignore him or tried to make him fell bad actually by saying " dun call me...i dun feel like toking to u"

He really DIDN"T call me...
but girls, u know wut i mean, rite?

4. Don't ever sumbody ask him this question:

"When will you two get married?"
becoz..i'm not ready to hear the answer!
* it made me cry last time...becoz i feel so unwanted and he just taking me for granted!
~hix..i even feel like crying now
i never know it hurt me so bad!..but now, he know!muahahaha...

Enuf with that stuff..
But after and with all that i still love him...
* sarang - e -o
bentuk ati di atas kepala...
jiji ah!


  1. 3rd April 2008
    ~ i hate to be the 2nd one to everything..T_T


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