March 07, 2008

Place for me everyday..9 am - 6 pm T_T

Woaa..i'm extremely bored with what i do everyday! it juz like a routine for me..

7.15 am ~ oh well..7.30 am : Try to drag my body out of my bed

7.30 am - 7.40 am: Toilet time

7.41 am - 7.55 am: Make up ( moisturiser, sun block, compact powder, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, cheeck blush, lip balm ) ~ umm..perfect!

7.55 am: bus stop!

8.05 am: i am bus no.25!

8.05 am - 8.50 am: reach Jl.Eunos..

8.51 am: waiting...

8.52 am: keep waiting...

8.53 am: still waiting * look at my watch*...*

8.54 am: hoping for the bus to come...*gosh*

8.55 am: yay! hop in to the next connecting bus no. 58 or 87

9.02 am: reach office..small run, and "tiittt" *tap my card

9.03 am: * inside lift...~wondering~about nothing~

9.05 am: humm..wut to do today?

9.10 am:

* i look at my monitor
9.25 am:
* then i check my "wut to do " wall

nothing much to do..all done! becoz i'm fast!
9.30 am:
* ok, i need a cup of tea..turn my chair around and grab sumting from my lovely corner

09.31 am - 09.40: go to 5th floor to fill up my bottle

09.45 am - 12.55 pm: sitting in front of computer

01.00 pm - 02.00 pm: lunch time *hihihihi*

02.10 pm - 05.45 pm: hoping for 6 o'clock and having conversation with:


06.00 pm: Finally!!

Fiuhh..wut a day!

then...2moro come..repeat everything, uhmm..not literally everything, because sumtimes i even wake up earlier and reach office around 8.50 am T_T

that routine X 5,5 days = my lovely week!

my lovely week X 4 = Pay day!

Pay day! Pay day!..yea..yea..yea..* wait a minute

Pay day = money i earned

Money i earn = ( 9 hours X 5,5 ) X 4
Money i earn = 198 hours i spent

it's mean evey hour i got $xx


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