December 24, 2013

My new SOMBRE - soft Ombre hair!

I am so ready to celebrate this festive season with a new hair colour!

Still with Salon De Choix, and don't forget to quote my name 
" Elrica - Pinkbuble " to enjoy 15% off for the full service.


This is the " Finally " moment i can be in touch again with hair colouring thingy, after months during my pregnancy I keep that chemical thingy away from my hair.

This time, Sharon - the director and owner of Salon de Choix creates something fun and yet still a kind of Ombre style that i can accept. You know I am not a fans of Dip n Dye ombre, nothing wrong with that, but half of my hair in purple and the other half in electric orange is soo not my style. That is why I am excited to explore another version of SOMBRE - Soft Ombre.

We decided to choose Natural soft ombre for my hair with a little twist on the colour.
Dark green and cooper.

Tadaaa!! This is the colour combination and I am sooooo loving it.
I thought I can only fit to red colour, but now..I welcome dark green!

Oh btw, the lady who did the blow dry for my hair is Tha, 
look for her if you keen to have a blow dry for going to an event. She is amazing.

This is how it look like under the sun light.
I love how subtle the dark green colour are and I am loving Sharon's cut on my hair.
It is simply gorgeous.

And also, the little highlight on my fringe in cooper colour brings out the fun in my hair!
If you keen to have this kind of hair, tell Salon de Choix staff that you keen on Sombre hair like Elrica's *ahem*

Happy holidays All!
Be happy and stay healthy :)
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  1. You look good as always Elrica, can't believe you already are a mommy and still look so awesome. I love the hair!

  2. Bagus banget cii warnanya *_*
    Cii mukanya mulusss bangettt!

  3. Rambut aslinya wrna apa cii?? Pake di bleaching dlu kah?

  4. Rambut aslinya wrna apa cii?? Pake di bleaching dlu kah?


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