December 17, 2013

HO HO HO! Preg massage is having a festive package :)

Olla mommies and mommy to be! I wanna share something worth the share on this festive season..
It's the festive package from Preg massage :)

If you have followed my blog, you must have read my experience with Preg massage after my delivery, yes?
No? Read it HERE and HERE.

I personally feel better after the whole session and i keep encouraging people to at least give it a try on the trial session that preg massage has to offer. I think it's really beyond customer service that preg massage give a trial session without any obligation, they understand that to invest on this amount you should at least comfortable with their service. But, let me share with you on how comfortable the massage session is:

The session started with stretching to relax the muscle, and the therapist start the massage process from toe to head in a very constant and organize pressure point to relax the muscle tension. For me, the therapist would put extra pressure and longer time on my shoulder. Oh my goodness, it was good and oh man..i miss those moment. >.<'

After the whole body massage, the regime continues to head massage that helps to ease the giddiness due to lacking of sleep (new mommy, any nods for this?) and also to helps any wind trap. 

 Once it is done on the back, I was told to lay on my back and the therapist start working on the front side, same goes like the back massage, it started with stretching the goes from toe and moving upward.

My therapist put this shit looking herbal on my forehead. It feels weird and warm in the same time.
She said this is to get the wind out of my head.

The highlight on the front side massage is the breast massage, yes you might feel awkward at first, but who cares about bobbies when you already let the whole labour room nurses see what's between the legs *grin* hehehe. ehem, anyway.. If you are breast feeding, or having a slow breast milk circulation like i do, this breast massage is a savior act. The massage technique helps to unblock the milk duct, promotes healthy milk circulation to avoid engorgement.

Another highlight is the tummy massage!
The massage on my tummy started with hot stone as a start to relax my tummy muscle and keep the wind away, and also breaks fat tissue. Another interesting function on this tummy massage is to promotes the intestine circulation, to ease constipation and help the womb to shrink faster.

You must have heard about how good ginger for a lady after giving birth, right?
Before my therapist ends my tummy session, she applied ginger cream to keep our tummy warm.
I love it.

Then the final steps of every session is the wrapping time :)
Believe me, it works to keep your flabby tummy in place for a good 6-8 hours.
The support on my back while i was wrapped is amazing, i often feel back pain whenever I am carrying the lil love, and this wrapping helps me a lot.

So yeah, that is the whole regime of every session of the post natal detox massage I experienced from preg massage. Do stay tuned with me for more preg massage experience :)

Oh, Lil love is going to get his very first massage with preg massage as well!
I'll keep you guys updated.

You can read more testimonial on all satisfied mommies in

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