December 20, 2013

Food Panda!

Yellow Jellow mommies and whoever reading my blog now!
I just found a new food delivery service that is simple and seriously make the food ordering way easier than a phonecall to the restaurant.


Sometimes when I make a phone call to the restaurant, I ended up upset with whoever receiving the either the recipients doesn't speak English well, the background noise is too loud so i have to keep repeating the order over and over again or sometimes it is just annoying to keep asking them what's on the menu, what is the special of the week and so on and so forth.

Thank goodness with foodpanda service around, I can just pick the restaurant i want, choosing the menu I like, what is their deals of the week and know exactly when they are going to deliver the food to me. Foodpanda even have the service of giving you the option of what food you can choose around you, you know when you don't know what to eat for your meal time. It happens.

All you need to do is to enter your postcode..

..and they will show you tons of restaurant list that you can choose.

I'll pick my favourite ribs restaurant - Tony Romas!
Ever since i gave birth to lil love, I pretty much have not much time to eat out at the restaurant and I always miss good food :D and ever since there is foodpanda now, I can easily enjoy my restaurant food at home and I don't have to worry the hassle I need to prepare with bringing the lil love.

I now can enjoy my ribs even with my PJ's and hair roll. :P
Take a look on my picks below, isn't convenient to see the menu through your computer, and pick every items as if you are flippin' the menu book in front of you?

And oh, if you are a kind of person that always mobile and pretty much glued to your mobile phone, go and download foodpanda apps and start enjoy the hassle free to order your restaurant food- online!

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