December 30, 2013

Quiz name WINNER!!

I AM SORRY for the delay!!
*i have too many excuse to write, so i don't bother*

Just before i gave birth to baby Ethan Arelson Nuradi, I opened up a quiz for fellow bloggers friend to have a guess on my then baby to be name's and no one got it right.. *ya eyalaaaah ya*

We chose the name Ethan (following my initial's) means Strong.
Arelson is the abbreviation from Arief Elrica Son.
..and nuradi of course is Le Mr's family name

5 out of 32 entry could guess the name right! and i use this random calculator to pick one winner out of 5 people who have guessed the first name right :)

I will be in touch with you to arrange for the prize ;)

Thank you for the rest who have joined the quiz!
Aku masi ada kuis kuis mendatang, cuman pengumumannya ya gini deh - kapan sempet.
Maapkan akuh ^^

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