February 10, 2012

Little happiness and the look!

I feel blessed and loved by God and people, and I am so thankful for every little happiness that happens in my life.

Just like a simple email from Cosmopolitan Indonesia magazine that send me a gorgeous invitation of *one of my favorite brand* launching! It does put a smile on my face.

"Maybe some of u are one famous blogger that might be raising ur eyebrow by reading this and said

"really..happy over this lil invitation? I got it all the time"

Well, Good on ya!
but yes to me it's the first time receiving launching invitation in a fashion world,
eventho I couldn't attend it, I still feel happy because my little humble blog gives me the opportunity to be recognized by Cosmopolitan Indonesia magazine.

Am I being over reacted? maybe!
But when your turn is come, you will know how it feel
and for the famous blogger..u do remember how u felt back then.

 So I feel love is in the air..
Thank u God.


 Now, here it goes..

The purplish Valentines day look!
Requested by Angel-fanie and Inge ^^

At first, I'm not so sure about the color on my eyes! 
Purple? hemmm...*not a real fans of purple*

So I just tried to do the look and I end up loving it, so please welcome my purplish
Valentines look.

I'm sorry for the tired looking eyes, I've been having trouble in sleeping for the last one week.
And I guess it's pretty obvious on this picture.

To start the look, I put my Kryolan orange stick around my eyes to cover my super serious dark circle and it's not covering really well..damn! I need 13 hours of sleep I gez. T_T

After the concealer, I put my Revlon Photoready in 003 shell and set it with Revlon photoready powder in light/fair.

Next, I take a very solid matte purple eyeshadow and apply it at the corner of my eyes with a flat brush, start blend the color towards half of your eyes and on your lower lid close to your lash line as well.

Then I'll go for the same purple shades with 3-4 tone lighter to blend it towards my inner corner.
I choose a shimmery light gold color for my inner corner, because I want to make my eyes look brighter and less tired.

Do highlight your brow bone and blend it downward a bit towards the purple color.
Frame your upper lashline with a black eyeliner in crayon form so it's easier for you to blend it.
We want it make it slightly smokey to avoid the purple candy color for your date night.
This look, was my 2nd attempt to do the purplish look..and I create a sharper shape at the end of the eyes. I'll show the rounder shape that I did on my first attempt at the end of this posting.

Choose your favorite fake eyelash and u're done with the eyes!

Choose a fresh blush color to compliment the look, 
don't go for something that is too pinkish or too peachy.
Keep the lips simple and natural.
I use only lipbalm on this look.

Man, I'm seriously look like I just wake up and apply make up.

Oh, do contour and highlight if you have a flat feature like mine..trust me..it helps ^^

And these pictures below, are the 1st attempt that I did.
The exact same color with a little different in blending and the eyeshadow shape.

Enjoy your purplish valentines look, do share with me your pictures if you creates any valentines look!

Happy valentines ladies!
Share the love and feel it.



  1. My Valentine Look: Kuyu pulang kantor..... hihihihih.... Valentine-nya jatuhnya hari Selasa siihhhhhhh hehehe. Kalo wiken, mgkn diusahain dinner deh :). Abisnya suami kantor di serpong, istri kantor di Sudirman, pulang pergi rutenya beda.

    Anyway, I really like this look. Really2 fresh!

  2. aiyoooo... keren el.. cantik banget hasilnya as always.. senangnya ada dua tipe gitu bulet dan lancip, gue ga pernah bisa bikin yang lancip kayanya muka gue jadi galak! (eh yang bulet jg ga bisa siiih) baiklah saya belajar dulu ya weekend ini! yosh..
    thank you ya tutorial nya el.. berguna banget!

  3. Launching eventnya tanggal 16 feb bukan? hehehe.. AAhh..

    You mentioned it and I was excited, thought I'll finally get to meet you.. ternyata ga bisa dateng :(

    next time, hopefully :)

  4. ahh.. selalu seneng liat hasil make up lo, kapan yah g nge-test, tiap kali liat harga barang2 make up kok rasanya males ngeluarin duit, kecuali buat eye liner haha :)

  5. el el di foto ini dirimu jd mirip sammi cheng :D

  6. cakep El! Simple pula cara aplikasinya. cobain ah. tapi suka ga pede pakai warna2 terang :(

  7. Too bad you can't go to the launch, but how exciting to get an invite ^^

    The Valentine's Day look is really fresh and pretty!

  8. el, potong rambut ya? fresh sekaliii
    pretty purple makeup btw ;)

  9. you look so cute and even without make up you look amazing!

  10. no you are not overreacting! i'd be overjoyed myself as well.
    i am happy for you and the invitation is well-deserved, i believe.
    the matte purple look is gorgeous.
    happy valentine's!

  11. Great results.
    You look like a doll :)

  12. itu bagian gak enaknya jadi indonesian blogger yang tinggalnya gak di indo ya ric... kalo dapet undangan gak bisa dateng. padahal kan pengen. hahaha.

    tau gak sih, end of the year of 2011, kita dapet undangan untuk ke disneyland hk! dibayarin tiket pesawat, hotel, makan for 3d2n. dengan catatan gua harus review di blog (dan pasang status di twitter dan fb). udah ngomong panjang, udah sampe nentuin tanggal... eh ternyata orangnya kirain gua tinggal di indo! huhuhu....
    akhirnya katanya mau didiskusiin lagi soalnya harga tiketnya jadi mahal kan kalo dari LA. dan gak ada kabarnya lagi. hiks.

    padahal tadinya udah excited banget mau janjian ketemuan ama keluarga gua pula. nasib deh... hehehe.

  13. @ leony: valentine-an di rumah aja le :)
    @ stephanie: iyah..silahkan dicoba resepnya ..*kok resep?!*
    @ Marchelle: ho oh chelle..:)
    @ bebek: terimaa kasih bek :)

  14. @ Pitshu: beli pallete eyeshadow aja..pasti girang dah nyoba2 warna :)

    @ epi: sammy cheng? Kapan ya gw mirip kyoko fukada? Hahahahahha

    @ fanny: thanks fan :)

    @ angel: sama! Gw juga bener2 ga biasa pake warna gini..tapi pas di blend sama eyeliner crayon item..mayan bagus ternyata warnanya :)

  15. @ tulip love: yaaaa..dats too bad!
    @ Joveeta: iyah nih, dipotong pendek pol..gerah :)
    @ Bubble: thanks :)

  16. I always love ur make up tutorial, el, apalagi yg ini pake ungu,my fave colour... N i'll feel the same if i got an invitation from cosmopolitan...jiayouuu buat blog nya ya el...

  17. @ Lena: happy valentines too ^^
    @ Lorenal thanks babe ^^

    @ Arman: iyah man! agak sedih gitu..jadi ga bisa ikutan acara2 seru gitu..dan kayak nasib lu deh..HK disneyland..gileeeee, gw bisa mupeng mupeng tuh man!!

    @Kat: makasi ya kat^^

  18. valentine look gua juga sama kaya leony, kucel pulang kantor haha..
    gua ngiler baca si arman dapet tiket pp hk aduh coba kalo gua langsung submit cuti :P

  19. wahhhh asik nya dapat invitation gitu.

    aku kapan ya dapat invitation nonton disneyland kayak bro arman di atas. hehhe

    BTW. selamat yah

  20. lu dandan diapain aja pasti hasil akhirnya cakep el, gw kalo baca tutorial lu pasti gak sabar lgsg scrool kebawah pengen tau hasil akhirnya kaya apa...
    pengen banget deh didandanin elu hihihi...

  21. That lavender shade compliments your very nicely, great look!

  22. gw paling suka pose yg tampak depan abis makeup, pretty n cool..itu lipbalm doank yah el? warna bibirnya cakep, padahal gw uda niatin nanya itu lipstik warna apa, haha

    eh, eL kmrn kayanya ada post yg pake warna green for valentine deh, itu ga direview? hehehehe

  23. aku juga seneng banget dapet invitation itu ^^, hehe gak nyangka bisa di undang sm cosmo >.<
    btw aku suka make up matanya *w*
    pengen cobain warna ungu tapi takut ga cocok di mataku

  24. So cuteee.. ^^
    I like purple too! And the criss-cross lashes look natural, love it!

  25. Beautiful Eyeshadow :)
    I like purple.

    Now following your blog.

  26. Wedew sampe lupa komen padahal udah ngintip2 hahaha...
    Tengkyu El, mumpung eyeshadow gw dah teronggok sekian lama ngga gw sentuh :D
    btw dirimu tetap terlihat cantik walaupun kurang tidur huehuehue....
    Oh iya, need tutorial buat blush nih terutama ttg brush[bentuk& ukuran] yg oke karena kayanya brush gw kegedean jadi kaya ondel2 nih susah banget nyapuinnya dimuka :(

  27. I think it's absolutely the right thing for every small blessing we receive every day :) Congratz on the recognition by Cosmo Indonesia. That's cool!

  28. wow looks fab... love your eyes...so beautiful!love you blog! Following you now!
    Greets from Ireland!
    xxx Marina

  29. Purple looks so good on you! Motivation to wear my neglected eyeshadows this day :D

  30. kerennnnn
    vals day gw dandan dr jam 3 siang pas anak tidur...sorenya uda kuyu lg hehehehe

    itu lipetan mata emg ada ato pake scot ,el?


  31. this is pretty!


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