February 15, 2012

Today's story..

Went for interview as make up artist to one of the quite awesome local production house.

And without " so tell me about yourself " as the first question, immediately  the interviewer goes like " do you have your portfolio with u? "

Then i was like " yeah.." taking out my  ipad and showed him wut i have in hand. *nervous...waiting..and ..waiting..* and finally he said 

" u are very talented! But i'm affraid this post is not something that you look forward to do..i can see you with ur talent could go far and more than just doing make up for photoshots..maximum you will stay for one year  just to build your contacts and start expanding your freelance job"

Seneng bener loh pas denger komennya..:)

Tapi in the same time..Gw shock bo! Blak blak an amat ni producer..and gw lebih shock lagi pas gw liat pay scheme for junior MUA nya..its so so low..even lower than admin job.  Dan pas gw kasih tau arip the pay..he was like " rendah amaaaaat!!! " ~ sedih dah ~

Kalo mo dibandingin..gaji gw 2 hari freelance di bulan ini = 2 minggu gaji in house MUA di company ini.

When he saw my hesitation on the number..The producer offered me a " freelance " position for now and another advise like " why don't you go for more experience and come back here as senior MUA so we can talk again on the pay scheme ?"  hemmm..interesting..

And i met one model during the interview, damn gorgeous guy! A very unique features Mix caucassian and oriental look. Woow!
* lap iler * coba kalo pas sekalian. Test skill..shading perut gitu..mantap dah! ~ sayangnya engga ~ hehehehe..

Ah sekian cerita hari ini..besok aku beday loh! 16 feb! Selametin dan doakan aku untuk semua muanya..:)



  1. huahh.. besok b'day konsep make up na apa?! hehehe...

  2. Happy birthday for tomorrow, Elrica! Hope you have an awesome day and all your heart wishes be granted by God :)

  3. Happy birthday duluan yaa sebelum telat....wish you all the best :)

  4. udah tgl 16 kan disana... happy birthday yaaaaa... :)

  5. haha.. today's post nya jadi iklan. anyway dah tgl 16! hepi bday. semoga dapet banyak2 job & 1 bayi naga. =D

  6. Happy B'day El... semoga sukses selalu dengan make-up2nya.
    Makin cantik... makin happy... dan sehat selalu.

    G B U


  7. Happy Birthday El, hari ini kan? Wish you abundance of joys and blessings. Kalau menurut gua gpp mulai dari kecil, anggap aja tambah pengalaman:)

    Jadi keinget lulus dr umum kerja di klinik2 dan diberi upah yang kecillll banget, sedih tapi positifnya banyak pengalaman. Karena kan sama spt dokter, make up artist meningkatkan skill melalui pengalaman dan praktek. Just my opinion though.

  8. Happy Birthday beautiful!

    hope this birthday filled with lots of beautiful things :)

    semoga dapet pekerjaan yg sesuai dengan keinginan hati dan dompet ya hehe

  9. Happy Birthday El!
    Wish you the best in everything :)

  10. Dear El, my cyber friend.. Though i don't know you personally and never met face to face, but i'm sangat enjoyiiiiiing reading your blog.

    Have a belated birthday, may everything that interests you came true.. (see the right column says What interest me?) :)

    God Bless, el..

  11. happy bday El! Wish u all the best :)

  12. happy besdey ric :D
    wish you the best for your future yah.. justru bagus producernya blak2an gitu, jadi lu gak diimingi2 yang bukan2, dan pastinya seneng donk ya denger komen bagus dari dia :D

  13. happy bday,el cantikkkkk
    GBU muah!

  14. Happy belated birthday elrica! wishing you all the best.. *kiss*

  15. I hope it works out for you regardless! I'd love to see more of your makeup works! :)


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