February 20, 2012

Supaa Long post!

 Ini postingan bakal panjang aje, tahan tahan ya..

Few stuff to share on this crazy and hectic week!

Valentines day, my birthday, the photoshots for this high end socialita and the musical performance, 
that was all for my last week schedule.

I'm tired and feel blessed still.

Before I share my birthday photos, birthday brunch and birthday dinner, I wanna share this little love i found lately.

1. This Velcro whatever..
to hold your hair when you are doing your make up or washing your face.

The photo below was taken after I wash my face and whipping my hair to the front and back, look at the velcro..it's still hanging on strong there on my fringe. LOL

( ini nahan rambut kayak kawat nyamuk euy)

2. Wisteria collection from Crabtree and Evelyn.
I got this from Arief's cousin, Yessy. She got this lovely smell of soap and other products for me. (thanks babe) 

Do we have Wisteria collection in Singapore Crabtree & Evelyn?

This whole little package smells so floral (obviously) and fresh in the same time.
I love it!

3. OPI shatter nail polish

I got this from the sweet sweet Rebecca, thank u dear! Love the color.
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Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

I really like the red shades on my skin.
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4. New D300
It's second hand camera..and my new love!

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Next, my 28th birthday.
Quiet and all about food.

I didn't do any party or celebration, just a little cutting cake after midnight..
this is kinda my and Arief's tradition since we moved to Singapore and I hope to keep continue doing this every year.

I picked this cake and loving it.

I'm thankful for my life.

For the love and the opportunity I have

And for all the friends and "friends" that comes and go in my life.

Thank u Lord.

Lalu tanggal 16 nya..Arip ambil 1/2 day leave trus kita pergi ke Wild honey untuk bruch.
Enak euy!
Ambience nya, makanannya, enak semuanya.

Banyak tante tante jepun disana.

Went there for breakfast menu:




And I made my birthday dinner:

Rock melon and Parma ham

Garlic salt and pepper prawn.

Olive based pasta with Bacon bits

Gw hepi with so many new blessings!
Bener-bener ga bisa berenti untuk all the good things that happened in my life, my family, Arief, friends and my Bubbly brush.

Oh, Sabtu kemaren..Bubbly brush dapet kesempetan untuk in charge di make up department
untuk main cast SIM Musical
"The Broken String"

Jadi, mulai dari bikin face chart, hair style untuk setiap main cast nya sampe lighting test semuanya dikerjain sama Bubbly brush. I'm proud and happy for this opportunity as well.

Big thanks to Melissa Bombie for the awesome extra hands and Arief for the documentation.

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Here is some of the stage photos

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Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Photo backstage nya nanti aku post di postingan terpisah ^^

Oh, one great news lagi..

Cousin nya Arip ngelahirin..it's a baby boy!

" Hello Reynard "


  1. Waaahhh...makanannya semua keliatan enak... :)
    God Bless, Elrica...

  2. eh photo yang lo ama kue itu asli deh beda banget, g sampe liat beberapa kali itu elo atau bukan yah, sampe baca tulisannya lagi, ini lo lagi cerita tentang siapa! ahahahaha :)
    happy belated b'day ^^

  3. Happy birthday again, Elrica!!! I am glad you had a wonderful day and dinner at home. All those food look lovely!!
    Also, congrats on doing the big make up project :)

  4. Great post! Aku ada yg Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender EDTnya, enak bangeettt..
    Happy belated birthday, dear! ^^

  5. Hello Indoensian ^^
    Happy b'day yah...
    Ur foods look so yummy :)

  6. nice blog ^^

    follow me and i follow you))

  7. Great News!, makanan nya itu lhooo... bikin ngiler hihihihihi

  8. congrats buat bubbly brush!!
    hebat euy!!! :)

  9. Kuenya apaan tuh El? bosen juga ya kalo kue coklat mulu ;p

    liat kutek yg cracking itu inget waktu family gathering kmrn tante gue lagi ngecat kuku eh botolnya jatuh dan isinya nyiprat kemana2 termasuk ke kamera suami gue, untung cuma kena bodynya dikit tp tetep bikin drop harga jualnya nanti hehe

    Happy Birthday again El! 28 is so young...;p

  10. Happy Birthday, El!! Panjang umur, sehat, dan tambah banyak rejeki yah. Ga panjang-panjang banget kok post-nya, since it's filled with wonderful pictures :)

  11. happy belated birthday elrica :)
    makanannya yummy semua, cuma 1 yang gua bingung, melon di atasnya ada daging? dimakan sekaligus gitu? rasanya apa ya? aneh ya hihihi...

  12. 28?
    man, you're old..

  13. Happy belated! Glad to see you have a good time. The food you made looks sooo yummy, you did such a good job!!

  14. El, apaan itu rockmelon pake ham?? Enak yah?? Wih... ham-nya mesti khusus ya?? Atau rockmelon-nya yg mesti khusus?? Lucu banget loh...

    Happy belated birthday El!!!
    Btw, apartment lo sepertinya keren... hihihi^^ *liat aja ah!*

  15. Congrats ya buat job bubbly brush nya...n foto-foto yang di wild honey bikin ngilerrrrr...jadi pengen nyobain kalo ke spore...

  16. happy birthday!!!! ^_^
    Btw, g suka make up an cewe yang baju merah itu. teges banget ye.

  17. Happy belated birthday, El. Wish U all the best & Sukses terus buat Bubbly Brush ^^


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