February 01, 2012

Uh lala..Val's day promo.

I've been really lazy to do blogging..! *still*
But I do have few new make up stuff to play with and one look that I did yesterday, 
and been busy doing valentine's day promo for my make up company 
"Bubbly Brush".

If you guys interested to have a photo shoots with me and my partner photographer, 
do check our affordable Valentine's day promo..

And book us ^^

We are gonna have so much fun!

And soon, 
I'm gonna have a make up workshop session where I'm gonna share my tips in doing make up and bring the best out of you.

For more info, email to:

Thanks ^^

Oh man, it's February..



  1. congrats ya for your company!! moga2 sukses ric!!!

  2. Wowwww.... oke banget tuh pricenya, El!! Super duper reasonable! Ayo ayo, siapa yang tinggal di SINCIAPO, silakan ambil photo sessionnya!

  3. el, hahaha minat neh ..jadiii .. model gratisan!!!! HAHAHA .. kebetulan saya dan pasangan suka difoto!! HAHAHAHAHAAH ... *kabur duluan sebelom ditimpuk kotak makeup sama loe + tutup lensa sama bern* hahahahahaha :)

  4. congrats ya
    good luck
    pengen nih jadi model elo... :)
    *hm...kapan yaaa*

  5. Congrats ya!! Pasti banyak peminatnya ya, di tangan sang ahli gitu lho:)


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