February 08, 2012

Thank u looxperiments!

This simple things bring happiness to me.
Looxperiments had me for their #Looxtalk session last friday 3rd Feb 2012, and so just you know Looxperiments is one of the Indonesian beauty blogger community that share the passion of make up and beauty through their blog. Their review and tips are the things that I always look forward to, and also the make up challenge.
Go and check their blog. You gonna love it too.

We had a unique interview through Twitter.
How awesome it was?
And soon after the interview, they are super kind to post it on their blog too.
Technology changes everything I gez ^^

The interview mostly about my passion in make up and why I let go my job to pursue it..

I know that for some people, this might seems like a little thing..but it means a lot for me, to share it with people that are in my shoes..and I hope my story could inspire them.

Whether it turned out good or bad, at least I have tried it..and I have no regrets.

I am pursuing something that I know I'm good at and hope it will be excellent someday, and I wish people could support me in expanding my creativity.




  1. Ehhhh ibu Elrica jadi SELEBRITI!! Moga-moga makin sukses ya El hihihi...

  2. gue sempet baca sekilas interviewnya di twitter krn ke-share di fb :)

    sukses yaaa :)

  3. you are welcome, dear ;-)
    terima kasih karena mau direpotin, dan maaf kalo pas ngobrol2 ada sedikit kekacauan :D

  4. I read the article. Ampe gubrak waktu liat makeup super serem kamu, haha! But I really admire your skill! I wish you'd come to my house to teach me how to use eyeliner. I tried to learn by myself and I looked like ... a racoon?

    Thanks for stopping by at my blog. I hope you'll visit again soon!

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  5. Sempet baca sekilas nih el pas lagi interviewnya. sayang cuma dikit pertanyaannya *ga puas* hahaha :D

  6. I would get excited over something like this too! I think it's great and you should keep working towards your dream! ^^


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