October 03, 2014

The before and after Mary Chia treatment

This time round, I am not going to share the before and after make up photos of mine.
Instead, I am going to share with you my before and after Mary Chia treatment.

Are you ready?


This is courtesy Mary Chia, so please do not take this photo without permission, yeah?

In this photo, I have lost total 9,6kg and i lost more than 11cm on waist alone!!
It's pretty awesome, right? But that's not all..because after I completed my treatment, I lost another 3 kgs! and for the first time in my 15 years, I am weighing 59 kg!
Hellooooo number "5", it's been a while since I saw you.

I am forever grateful to ever know Mary Chia in my blogging journey, and to be a mom with the body way better than before having a child is really a dream come true for me.
It feels surreal and awesome in the same time.

I have to admit, after Mary Chia - I gained my confidence back!
No flabby skin, no stretch mark, no water retention, and " All the right junk on a right place! " kind of figure. :D. I met mommas that lost quite a number of weight and look horrible. So gotta pick an experienced and trustworthy slimming expert like Mary Chia, ok? - Ya i know, I am promoting them:) - Because you might thank me for the wonderful result they can do on your body.

I went to the Goldhill Centre!
Meet Irene or Vivian to discuss more about the programme that suits you.

Mine are combinations of the below:

·         Intensive Weight Vaporiser (45-min)

o   Our special vibration bed first rock the body to 15 minutes of thorough perspiration - equivalent to 45 minutes of rigorous exercise.

o   An air pressure slimmer repeatedly compresses and relaxes the body

o   Sauna treatment flushes excess water from the body system

o   A full body wrap seals in the benefits of this time-tested slimming programme

o    Assuring immediately visible results that last for weeks

o    Results: Effective weight reduction, body toning, figure contouring, improved circulation & metabolism

·         Womb Care Detox Therapy (75-min)

For centuries, Indonesian people have benefited from the healing powers of herbs gifted by Mother Nature through Indonesia's rich tropical rainforests. It is here where the wisdom of Cimu originates.

Essentially, Cimu oil is created by specially blending medicinal roots, bark, leaves with specially selected fruits and flowers. These exceptional herbs have been widely used for health & beauty care, and have been used to treat minor illnesses, whilst increasing one’s vitality & virility. This special Cimu blend is very effective in relieving fatigue in feet, legs, neck and back. Cimu can also alleviate common women’s health issues and to maintain a beautiful complexion.

With the combination of Cimu body and womb massage, detox steam therapy & a womb care herbal masque application, the Womb Care Detox Therapy is a natural healing treatment which aids the body's detoxification abilities, helping to flush out excess water retention and accumulated toxins to achieve a slimmer and healthier physique.

This massage therapy plays an important part in the restoration of the abdominal muscle wall & the uterus to its normal state. It helps to realign the body weight to its original distribution, & tones the over-stretched areas of skin on the belly.

·         Invigorating Cellulite Buster (35-min)

o   A revolutionary & risk-free technology from France

o    Gentle suction and rolling using state-of-the-art equipment

o   Targets the hips, abdomen, thighs, buttocks and arms where cellulite is most pronounced

o    Localised microcirculation massage reduces the extra fats responsible for the orange-peel effect

o    Extensively tones and firm the skin for a slimmer and more refined figure

o    Results: Reduction of localised fat pads, skin toning & firming, improves skin appearance, elimination of toxins, fight signs of aging, smoothing & relaxing effect

·         Coffee Drainage Therapy (45-min)

o   Luxuriate in this pampering slimming body scrub made from quality Arabica coffee seeds and experience instant skin rebirth.

o    Freshly grounded Coffee Scrub is applied on the entire body, followed by hot blanket therapy

o    Aids in body detoxification and improves blood circulation.

o   Results: elimination of toxins, reduction in water retention, body firming and improved skin appearance

·         IntegralQuartz Macro Body Sculpting Treatment (35-min)

The solution for time-strapped ladies – Multi-efficacy treatments that promise to troubleshoot multiple ‘problems’ in a single session. The IntegraQuartz Macro Sculpting Treatment, developed in France, combines gentle suction and rolling techniques using state-of-the-art equipment to effectively target the hips, buttocks, thighs and arms where cellulite is most pronounced.

The treatment intensively conditions the skin tissue to eliminate fat deposits, revitalises lymphatic circulation and accelerates lipolysis. At the same time, the technology is able to stimulate collagen and elastin production to firm skin. It is non-invasive, zero discomfort and has zero downtime.

This technology is a viable option for women who want to maintain their youthful complexion and physique without having to undergo aesthetics surgeries and injections – the key benefits of this technology promotes improved collagen product and skin elasticity which allows for a non-invasive face-lift; on the body, the effects of the treatment help to lift, firm, sculpt and tone what time and gravity has made sag.

·         Vibrotrim Body Perfector (35-min)

o   Combines vibrating massage, rotating ultrasound and micro-electro therapy for thrice the body sculpting action and results

o   Enjoy a luxurious thermal masque treatment, as minerals reach deep under your skin to work wonders on unsightly fat cells

o    Results: Body sculpting, skin toning & firming, overall sense of well-being

Call now:

6250 7949

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Thomson Road



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  1. Mantap sekali, ric! Btw gw rasa setengahnya karena ngurus anak sendiri sih sebenarnya. Hihihihihi *Curcol

  2. kerenn, berat gw masih jd pe-er bwt gw nih, masi nyisa 4 kg -_-


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