October 07, 2014

Eumora the Miracle facial bar

Is anyone out there ever heard about the facial bar called " Eumora " ? 

To be honest, when I was approached to review this brand - I was like " Eumora " ? I never heard about this brand before. Then I did my research to know about this brand and too my surprised, I found many testimonial about how awesome the facial bar is! But in contrary I found many forum said that this is just an MLM products that is expensive and not working as it's claimed to be. 

Let's roll with me to find out if this facial bar worth the kaching you spent!

What is " Eumora " ?

Eumora is a skincare product that is taking hype in calling itself " The Miracle " Facial Bar. This sensational moor facial bar, infused with Hydration MicroAlgae factor. 

And before I yapping further..let's go through with me on some fact about what MOOR is. MOOR is made of Tiefen or Deep Moor from Austria, this mud is a nutrient rich peat formed during Ice Age and has the essence of 700 types of plants hormones, trace elements, natural antibiotics, organic compounds herbs and flowers! 16th century Alchemist Paracelsus, described Moor as the 'quinta essentia vitae' which he believed to be the elixir of life.

Now to more details, research has shown that MOOR penetrates easily into the skin, re-establishing the skin's natural PH balance & increasing the flow of blood to the skin. Skin is detoxified, purified, toned and revitalized by soluble organic and inorganic active nutrients.

2 weeks ago, I started using this facial bar on my leg. (Oh btw, ALWAYS test on some other body part when you first trying out some products. NEVER EVER start on your face! You'll never know if you have allergic reaction to the products.) For the first 2 days I don't get any allergic reaction to it but in the same time, I don’t feel anything special about the facial bar, apart from the extra clean and smooth feeling on my skin. So, I start using it on my neck then to my face. On my first week trying this facial bar on my face, I felt the tightness and firmness every time I wash my face. If you have a dry skin like me, it's important to apply a generous amount of moisturiser when you use this product, because this facial bar is going to absorb all the oil on your face. For oily to acne skin, I think this products will help to get rid all those oil and excessive dirt in your face. 

One thing to note about this product; a minority of users may experience "healing crisis" 

What is healing crisis?

“Healing crisis” is the initial visible effects of the detoxifying process
experienced by a very small minority of users, as the skin expels toxin
which may have accumulated under the skin over time. The most common
examples are localized dryness, itchiness, redness, peeling or even
breakouts that will gradually disappear as your skin organ heals and is a
definitive sign that Eumora is working.

What should I do if I experience a "healing crisis"?

For some people especially those with sensitive and very dry skin types, who experience some ‘localized’ or ‘temporary’ skin drying after using the Eumora Facial Bar for a few times. Their most outer skin layer is naturally more sensitive to any type of facial cleanser. Please apply your daily moisturizer as usual after the wash. The drying condition is part of the healing symptom however it could be helped if you use good moisturizer to ease the process and aid the most outer skin layer with the protection of the good moisturizer.

If you have a chronic face condition, it’s always good to consult your condition to your trusted dermatologist for a green light. 

For me, I don't have much problem with my skin so far. So, I like using Eumora facial bar to get the firmness effect especially on my neck area, and I do think this facial bar is really good for mature skin as well. Maybe a little treat for mom? 

rub it into a form of foam

To conclude if this facial bar worth the try - YES! and is this worth to purchase for the second time - that depends on how it suits your skin. My mom love this, she feel the anti aging effect on her skin. I think this products is OK, I do get the firmness I want - but it doesn't make my skin brighter and or clearer than before, this is maybe I am already fair and has nothing to clear in the first place. 

But take a look on the photos by some user below:

It works for them, and it might work for you too! 

So if you would like to try the facial bar, do visit this link HERE and all you need to do is to pay a little amount for postage fee. For a limited time only, visitors who request the free trial will also have the ability to get a 30% discount off their first box ordered of Eumora Classic plus get free shipping. 


I have 3 sets of Eumora facial bar, each retailing for $189! So hurry up, all you need to do is follow @tryeumora on twitter, or their facebook page HERE and of course, my facebook page " Pinkbuble In Da House " .

Good luck!

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