October 24, 2014

[Product review] Biore micellar cleansing water

It arrived in my doorstep with a cute packaging that comes with 2 bottles of mineral water, just as the kit is, Biore Micellar cleansing water made with Natural Mineral Water from the Japanese Alps enhanced with Watery Micellar Technology. 

This lightweight and refreshing wipe-off makeup remover lifts off makeup and dirt effectively from pres. I can totally give 10/10 for my skin feels clean and refreshed with no sticky after feel. As much as oil based make up remover do the magic when it comes to the stubborn make up, I still prefer the water based type for the sake of the clean feeling. I kinda not fancy washing my face over and over again :)

So, when this cute pinky bottle join my make up cleaning regime, I immediately fall in love with it.

To me, It's a BIG NO NO to sleep with the make up on! and if you are using make up on your face, always remember to clean it, ok?
No matter how late or tired you are by the end of the day, please, clean it up. 

Try this Biore Micellar cleansing water, it's just as easy as swipe and tadaaa..

I tried it on on my eyeliner.

Simply " soak " the make up with the cotton for a good 10 seconds..

..and wipe it away.

In one swipe, this was taken out from my eye make up.
Well, if you have folded eyelid like mine..just be sure to clean the hidden part too :)

Overall, I think I will definitely re-purchase this again.
No tightness on the skin even after I use it on my face.

It's gentle and powerful.

Retailing for $18.90
Avalable at Major pharmacies and major departemnt store, supermarket and hypermart.
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  1. Baru ada di SG aja ya ci kayanya ini? Kemarin coba cari disini cuma ada yg oil based..padahal kepengen coba nih yg water based...


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