March 15, 2014

The lovely collection of ETUDE in the month of March!

Etude is launching the 12 Months cleansing product!
I got mine for the month of 1, 3,4 and 7.

$6 each

If you have a very dry skin, go for the deep moisturizing avocado and butter.

Combination skin, go for Tomate & Apple to treat the dullness and discoloration.

Oily skin and has too much activity going on under the sun, go for this Lemon&Garlic cleansing foam.

..and this is quite the best of all, if you have acne, pimples, dryness, or even sunburnt.
Go for the soothing relief of Aloe vera.

On top of the face wash, omg..i almost typed "fash " to combine to " face" and "wash".hahaha..
Bad bad idea to blog in the middle of the night i guess. ^^

Anyway, ETUDE is launching the ultra light liquid lipstick that makes me feel like wearing nothing (in the lips - of course). BUT, do bear in mind that the texture might showing too much of your lip line and the dry skin line- so moisture up your lips before you apply this color lips-fit.

$15 each

I got mine in Fantasy Fit Pink

and.. See thru Fit beige

Both colors are pretty in their own way.
The fantasy pink is a really bright pink that will take the spotlight on your face.
And the See Through fit beige is a orange undertone kind of color, that I think not going to suits all skin color. But again, who cares when you got 7 different colors to choose from?

The next additional goodness to join ETUDE house this March is the new face conditioning.
I love this! Tried and tested this product..and I would say buy buy buy and just buy!

This product is to prep your skin to maximize your make up routine (it contains whitening, anti wrinkle and sunscreen spf 25), this 3 in 1 face conditioning cream helps to achieve the flawless light makeup that allows the skin to breathe and keeps it looking awesome throughout the day.

Super cool!
This is my face before I end my day and wash it away.
I couldn't believe on how the face conditioning could work the magic.
Ok, I am not getting commision if you get this product on shelves - just in case you are wondering.

But yeah, just grab it!
I have a dry skin and this make up last for more than 12 hours.

All of these available at ETUDE HOUSE island wide from mid March onwards!

Go shopping!
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  1. hahahha fash = wash + face? Fashing heheheh

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