March 31, 2014

A good journey with Sk-II

It's coming to the end of March and this means that it has been almost a good 3 months since I religiously started my SK-II regime.
And my skin has never been this good!
My skin has finally achieved a consistent, plump “boing boing” effect and the much talked about “crystal clear skin”.

If you are new to my blog and ready to ask me on what SK-II products I use in the comment box, let me once again take you through my regime.
Of course, do remember to take the Magic Ring test before purchasing any SK-II products. In my opinion, the Pitera Facial Treatment Essence trial kit is a good investment to start with.
So, my skincare regime comprises these products:

I personally think the SK-II product combination in my regime complements each other and works well in achieving the crystal clear skin that I always wanted. I'm thankful for the decision I took years ago to switch my skincare to SK-II and to have stuck with it through the years.
Do check out the SK-II website for more information, or if you want to find out more about the Pitera Essence trial kit that I have been using these past three months, you can check it out HERE. Lastly, please subscribe to the SK-II newsletter to get updates on the latest news about SK-II.
I hope SK-II works as well for you as it does for me.
'Till the next update! Stay pretty! Stay healthy!
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  1. very boing boing and cling cling skin :)

  2. Aku mau tanya dong satu set yg sis gunain itu harga nya brp? Cocok juga ga sih di pake kulit 18yo?

    1. Aku beli nya nyicil nyicil gitu sekitar SGD600 lah.
      Kamu coba ke counter SK-II ini cek and tanya soal kulit kamu deh..aku mulai pake SK-II di umur 26 :)

  3. Aku mau tanya dong satu set yg sis pake ini harga nya brp? Trs Ini untuk semua usia atau terbatas ya?

  4. Keren say.....kamu beli online atau langsung di counternya? Btw 3 bulan itu pake ke beauty care atau cukup perawatan dirumah sendiri?

    1. Cukup di rumah aja kok aku :)
      Beli di counter biar dapet gratisan! hahaha


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