March 25, 2014

G9 treatment from Mary Chia

I am back with my Mary Chia treatment update!
I know I've not been updating about my Mary Chia treatment for the last 2 weeks, that is because I couldn't go to the outlet as no one taking care of the little one.

I will start going again soon, BUT today, I would like to let you know that AMAZING-ly during the 2 weeks my stay at home, I keep continue losing some weight! *wohooooo*
How awesome is that?

When Vivian (the assistant branch manager - Goldhill Outlet) told me that actually I can lose some weight even after the treatment, I was like " how can it be POSSIBLE? "
I mean " really??" " how is the logic?" But I guess this is what makes Mary Chia the trusted slimming specialist by Celebrity!
I am not celebrity though, but I trust them in getting my pre pregnancy figure. :)


Anyway! I am sharing one of my favorite treatment that helps my lower abs to shrink :)
It's Mary Chia Body Contouring Programme.

I am loving this treatment because I feel relax in a warm bed and a soft comfy blanket, while Mary Chia therapist did their wonder on my problematic area.

I am going to take you to my body contouring journey, that is effective to fix your problematic area. Not only lower abs..but it could be your thigh as well.

The first step that you will experience is the cold gel application on the problematic area.

Then it comes the hands operating machine that works wonder in breaking the fat tissue under your skin.

The 45 mins treatment ends with mask application that will leave my (and also your) skin smooth and comfortable. The funny facts about this mask is; it will start with a cold mask application and it gets warm and warmer afterwards.

I recommend this treatment! 
Sometimes, you need help to break that stubborn fat cells under your skin.

Call Irene or Vivian in 6250 7949 to know more about this treatment.
This is my favourite Mary Chia outlet. 
183/185 Goldhill Centre
Thomson Road
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