March 14, 2014

My beauty tips for a busy mum

This March, my lil love turns 5 months old and so far it has been the most rewarding 5 months in my life. I love my new role as a mommy. I love the feeling of giving and loving lil love so much and it always surprises me in so many ways. I love smelling his baby scent, listening to his coo-ing, looking at his smiley eyes, feeling his little tiny hands grabbing my finger, and our daily pillow talk

But most of all, I love his demanding sleeping ritual; cranky and crying if anyone else carries him to sleep but ME. His neediness makes me a mother. He will just sleep and cuddle himself to me while playing with my hair, clothes or pretty much anything within his grasp before eventually falling asleep.

Being a mommy is awesome.

Apart from being a mom, I am also a marketing ninja by day, professional make-up artist during the weekend and an award- winning beauty blogger, and yeah...I guess I am one busy mommy. 

Despite, my tight schedule and the various roles I have to juggle, staying beautiful is still on my priority list...even though I might not have as much time to get ready as before! :D So,I came out with few beauty tips for busy moms like me!  

1. Choose the right skincare

 Just like a good canvas to start a painting, having healthy and smooth skin is a good way to cut down your make-up time. As you know, SK-II is my preferred skincare brand, and thank goodness because of this...I don't need to pile up concealer and foundation on my face :)

2. Get professional help

For me, eyelashes are important, that is why I have mine artificially extended.

And if you have problems drawing your eyebrows, go get an eyebrow embroidery done to save make-up time. 
I got both from Prestige eyebrow and all I need to do to create the look below is just a line of MUFE eyeliner, a dash MUFE pressed powder, Starlash, Estee Lauder blush and Jane Iredale lip plumper.

3. Get the engine revving 
I don't know about you, but for me I need a cup of good-quality coffee in the morning to keep my mind alert and get a boost good mood.

and I also have a good wholesome breakfast to start a day :)
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives you energy for the day ahead and keeps your alert. And we know that part of being beautiful is being vibrant and energetic instead of looking dull and tired. So never skip breakfast!

4. Be Happy

Spend time with your loved one :) A happy mind equals a happy face.

and do things that makes you and your family happy.

5. Get good sleep

No matter how busy I am as a mom, I always find my way to sneak out and have a restful sleep.
I know that as a new mom, to have a good 8 hours sleep seems like a dream come true!
 But, hey! You deserve it! I deserve it!
Do ask your husband/maid/mom/mom-in-law to take care of your baby for a little while so you can catch up with your beauty sleep.

Believe me, this is one of the beauty secrets that everyone knows but ignores.

That's all my tips to stay beautiful as a busy mom and remember...
Beauty is a state of mind, so start believing that you are beautiful in your own way.
Love yourself.

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  1. I love this post! I agree it is important to get enough sleep, when you don't you get cranky and the whole household would not be a pleasant place. Your little guy is so so cute!

    1. Yeah! when mommy is not will the whole family. hahahahha.

  2. El.... tapi elu kagak bobo pake eyeliner kan? Hihihihi...

    Kalo gue tipsnya cuma satu (eh dua) sih. Makan enak, dan tidur yang cukup :) It will help my mood.

    1. Kaga lah gile..itu abis pergi trus kita lagi tidur2an sambil nunggu dinner time :)

  3. Cantikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk <3
    you definitely deserve a good sleep! :D
    Couldn't agree more with point no.4~

    Bella /

    1. Yeah! a good sleep and a good food to go along with :)
      *sounds perfect*

  4. waduh gw gabisa tidur 8 jam , gw punya bad habit tidur begadang. Rasanya begitu smua anak bobo, gw langsung kerja n ber me time ria.. Abis seharian sibuk ama anak, malem itu rasanya jadi pengen punya waktu buat diri sendiri, hihihi... muga2 gw bisa berubah yaaa
    Tapi yang nomer 1 gw pengen juga nyoba hihihi

    1. Huahahha..iyah, no 1..yuk mare dicoba..ngaruh jek. hahahaha..

  5. setuju banget dengan "tidur yang cukup", karena kalo gak bisa bikin bad mood karena cape hehe...thanks for the tips El :)

    1. Ho oh, tidur tuh yang paling ngaruh buanget yaaaaaa..^^


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