March 28, 2014

Chinoshio - baby powder detergent

To come and think about it, my blogging journey has brought me to the level of experience, where by I am not and no longer " just " that beauty blogger, but it's far and beyond than just a lady writing review about beauty products.

This blog has become my journey, a kind that I jot down and shared it virtually with people around the world - yeap, my google analytics just proves me that this blog goes as far as Russia -
and I couldn't be happier that along the journey, I made friends with the fellow bloggers and of course from the brand that i work with before.

Just like the kind people from Beauty Direct that keeps bringing the good stuff of beauty and now baby products to Singapore. If you heard about the famous Starlash eyelashes (that I love so much), Fernanda, JUJU, White label and many more good stuff that made in Japan, they are all from Beauty Direct.

I love them and love the way they shar their awesome products :)
Just like this Chinoshio baby powder detergent that I use in lil love laundry.

I like the fine texture and non perfume powder detergent for lil love, and this Chinoshio fit the criteria. Ever since I become a mom, I very much care about what's gentle to lil love skin more than I care about my skin..and thank goodness this Chinoshio powder detergent is gentle to skin and environmental friendly. 

It doesn't create any foam, and work wonders in removing baby food stain, and any other stain on lil love clothes.Ugh, u know how messy baby clothes could be when they are starting eating solid.

So far, this detergent doesn't create any problem in lil love skin and with the compact packaging..I think it's suitable to bring it along for a holiday. - just in case you need to wash your lil love clothes -

Available at Beauty Direct website and Isetan.

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