September 12, 2013

My Ombre hot pink nails by Luxewomen

Yes, I am talking about pampering my nails before the baby is born!
I know that you might said that nail polish is bad and I am not supposed to apply it and so on and so forth, but so just you know - out of the total pregnancy duration, this is the only meni pedi service that I did - so let's not judge me.

Last weekend, my babe - Mag from pampered me by bringing me to 

The Award Winning Nail Trending Salon - 
Luxe Women
at Sembawang MRT, 11 Canberra Rd #01-02 

This outlet is the premium spa that comes with massage chair, pedicure spa and tablet for you while the expert do what their best at on your nails.

It's been a while since I am so enjoying my girly weekend, and seriously I almost forget on how good it was. So far, pregnancy has been overwhelming and sucking my energy - so a little pampering witha good company like Mag did cheer up my few last week before I join mommyhood. Thank u babe.

Oh btw, if you have not heard about Luxewomen..
I need to just say this once: they are awesome.

This is Jaclyn, the lady with a master skill of nail art.
When she asked me what kind of colour I like, i just said hot pink and i like it further question..she immediately know what to do and I am loving it!

A soft pink ombre to hot pink with a glittery sparkle on my nails and a sweet diamond dot-ribbon on it, 
I am a one happy momma to be. I super happy and keep staring at my nails, you know.

This is puurfect and exactly like how I wanted it to be.
Pink and girlie.

As for my toes, I want something simple but nice..and I wanted a darker colour.
Jaclyn - again works on her magic hand in my tiny toes creating a oceanic theme with a sea star on it!
OMG! How on earth her creativity comes from?
Jaclyn is simply amazing!

Look at the details! she even top it up with sands feeling on it.
Mad love this!

Thank you Jaclyn and Mag for the awesome girlie chat and pampering session.
Can't wait to go back and have a good time with you both.

Luxewomen is currently having promotion!
 1 for 1 Free classic Mani Pedi for only $66 at this premium outlet in Sembawang.
 Call: 6755 558. 

and do add them in Luxewomen facebook to get a free nail art!
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  1. eh Ca, gw juga gatel ni pengen nge cat kuku, tapi yg aman buat bumil or busui merk apa ya? katanya yg water based gitu ya, tapi apa nama merknya?

    1. mak, coba deh buka :)
      Tapi ini gelish gitu..and safe buat preggie, danibu yg nyusuin.


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