September 23, 2013

Counting down..

I am counting the day I meet my little one..

I am not sure when exactly I will due or go in labour..but all I am looking forward apart from greeting my baby E to the world is to get back in my pre pregnancy shape. This whole 36 weeks has been a mix feeling for me, apart from the worry that come and go about baby E's health and mine - I noticed that I become overly concious about my body image. 
* keep looking at myself in the mirror - trying to find a better angle on the body - but none seems good at this point* -> ever feel the same?

I keep reminding myself that it's ok to look a little like hippo when I am expecting, but whenever I step on my weight scale - that freaking number keep reminds me on how much I have gained during this preggie time and those inches that keep adding up especially on these last 2 weeks..damn!

I promise to keep myself positive and really looking forward to meet the expert from Mary Chia in getting myself back in shape. I know I am not a model but I want to get back in shape before my maternity leave ends.

I think by now, everybody have seen the awesome transformation of Chen Li Ping in getting a good 6 kg off in just 3 weeks! Damn damn..I want to!!
I will do the same pose like her when I finally get back in shape - hahaha!
And yes, you read it right...I typed " WHEN " not " IF "
So support and stay tuned with me for my journey with Mary Chia, ok?

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  1. pasti balik kok El, tenang ajaa..
    gw ga diet2an juga balik ke asal berat badan, tapi setela anaknya setaon lebih huahahaha.. abis gw pas nyusuin makin gila makannya, lebih rakus drpd pas hamil :P
    tapi lu ngga lahhh, asal ada niat pasti ada jalan :D :D

  2. wajah lo ga gemukan yah, badan doank.. cia yoo say~ ga sabar nunggu dikau brojolan, lancar yah buat lahirannya~

  3. elo pasti bisa El...gak sabar mau liat muka baby E nih hehe

  4. tinggal seminggu lagi maternity leavenya n masih blm ada shape el :'( :'( yuk kita sama-sama berjuang :D

  5. Take care! Can't wait to see your baby. Don't worry about the weight,you still look awesome to me.
    As long as both are healthy it all that matters :)


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