September 02, 2013

My 33 weeks maternity shoot and updates..

It's getting near!!
..and I have not get my baby's stuff fully sorted.

Most of my baby thingy is still with my Mom in Jakarta and she will not be here until few days after the baby is born. So I pretty much has only limited items mommy and baby items at home for now. 

I'm getting nervous closer to the date.
My gynae, Dr. Cheng plan to induce the baby on 38 weeks instead of waiting for 40 weeks due to the size of the baby..which is 2.6 kg as per last measure on 33 weeks old. He suspects that my baby will go as heavy as 3.6 kg on birth - and it will make my (hopefully) normal delivery harder to do.
I'll will update on the final date after my next visit to him.

My baby apparently is an active baby with lotsa hair on his head -  Dr. Cheng measure his 1.5 cm hair and print it for us to keep. -_-'

On this 33 weeks, his head is down to my pelvic area and his leg keep kicking my ribs and gestric area. The happy pain that I can endure.

So far, I don't have any much complain on the pregnancy except the unforgiving pain on my finger joint every single morning, and the 1 cm stretch mark that start showing up. Maybe it's true that whatever oil you use during pregnancy is a marketing gimmick. T_T

I have been using Bio Oil, Nip & Fab multi fix oil and Palmers for stretch mark diligently and still nothing could keep that ugly line away. Sigh! 

I can't wait for the Mary Chia -  Stretch Mark Lightening Treatment to fix me :D

Oh btw, do check out Mary Chia mid Autumn promotion.
It's totally worth every single cents of it and if you have not read my Mary Chia experience before, read it how I lost 1 kg per treatment HERE and if you want to know why I am trusting Mary Chia for my body and face treatment..feel free to browse it HERE.

 Do call them now and start the journey to feel good about your body.

Oh, I had a maternity shoot with
A trusted, and supportive friend and partner that I always treasure in my life journey.

This is a little sneak peak of mine..and do contact MC Photography directly for quotation, ok?
 photo 9F72E07F-A8BA-4755-A364-3DED95663F46-1639-000001A921E7E8A3_zpsf25a2844.jpg

Nice right???
I love it to the max..
 Here is another one to close the post!
 photo B669BED3-72FE-4536-BACF-02A685C8312C-1639-000001A92AB8B027_zpsb93984eb.jpg 

'Till next update.

Do pray for me and my pregnancy.

Thank you.
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  1. Sukaaa sama foto yg terakhir..

    Wish u luck el.. smoga bisa lahiran normal dan lancar..

    Kok dokter sana sampe bisa liat panjang rambut yaa.. disini kayanya ga ada tuh yg sampe ngasihtau klo anaknya rambutnya banyak..hahaha

  2. fotonya bagus & cantik elunya el.
    kira2 kalo gua hamil nanti, cocok ga ya foto kayak begitu hihihi...

    semoga persalinan lancar ya el... aminnnnnn...

  3. errrr... duh speechless deh bacanya. Semangat ya >____<

  4. fotonya bagus El...take care ya :)

  5. semoga dilancarkan semuanya ce
    for mommy and the baby :3

  6. foto nya cakep ell, semoga lancar2 terus ya sampe lahiran ;)

  7. Gue gak foto maternity.... soalnya brasa bapuk! hahahaha...

    Bagus El foto2 elu. Gak brasa ya bentar lagi tuh baby bakalan lahir deh :D


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