March 25, 2010

Letter for u..little tot..

Hey..Little tot..
Are u still in the corner of my messy mind?
If yes, i just wanna let u know that I'm happy..

I know it's sounds so unreal knowing that I've been searching for that piece..
for a looong...looong time.

But i think i know what sparks me that little heaven..
It's very funny..
seriously..very funny!

by living in the present time..and less thinking about u.

As simple as that.

So, excuse me for a little while..eventho i'm pretty sure I'll be back to u..

But for now, u can take a long leave..and hopefully i won't turn to u in a short time.


  1. is this still about the being 'here' and 'there' "thingie"?

  2. gak ada penjelasan little tot nya? :)

  3. @ Adin: it is still that thingy..
    @ Pucca: hummm...banyak little tot nya..nanti pelan2 dijabarin nya..hihihihi..

  4. iya jangan terlalu dipikirin. sometimes cuek itu perlu dan go with the flow aja... jangan dibawa stres...


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