December 11, 2008

PB reunion..

gara-gara baca blog nya mut jadi terinspirasi untuk nulis nih..thanks mut ^_^

I just wanna record this moment that pull me back in years behind..

* sekarang lg di meja kantor gw ..sendiri and completely only me and my thought..denger lagu yg judulnya tau..kyk lagu cold play gitu*

it started with a simple talk sama mut about this reunion and jadilah tgl 24 January besok kita kumpul2 buat reunian ..setelah berapa taon ya, ga inget..

and it just so fast when we looked behind and all the memory start to race back..dimana berantem, happy bareng-bareng and even liking the same guy or other guy yang pernah disukain ma close friend sendiri..oh man, lucu juga kl mikir we all selfish banget en mikirnya " yg penting gw dapet or gw seneng" without mikirin perasaan yg laen..

and it's mean for me untuk ketemu sama those people yang pernah deket sama gw emotionally..ryan, mention the name..ada juga sih yang sepihak dr gw tanpa gw tau or denger2 dr orang tanpa gw tau juga..jd ga mau mention namanya disini..and i'm so happy that in less than 2 month i'll be in this reunion..with each and every of them..

and for the girls, i miss mut2 the's been like ages gw ga ketmu dia cuma chatting aja en web cam-an sekali..rai, karlin, huiskam, henny sih uda ketemu.., trus kepo, kiki, rachel and kok yg gw inget cm segini ya..haha..i'm so excited yet nervous counting down to the day!

and how i miss dijemput audi or tepen or carl or hen2..and gonna bug them to send me home again this time..and this "PB feeling" really planted in skrg kl gw mikirin PB gw bs rasain feelingnya itu..ah enough saying! i luv Pberz..

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