December 30, 2008

another rubbish for u

Wut the hell is that?!!!???!!!

that biggie!!


it's my calf..happy now?

huh? huh?

i hate the way people commented on my calf..i know it's big..

but it's not a flabby's muscular..

and u have to give credit to my muscular calf not the "wut the hell" comment


Enough about my calf, i just wanna share my sunday afternoon with u guys..

Remember i always complain about my life in SG and how busy my day without even 2 weeks in a year to wake up late and juz be a lazy me?

and u must be wondering why on earth i am blogging my Sunday afternoon here, there are 2 reasons:

1. Because i want to blog it

2. Because after almost 2 years been working like a bee..i finally feel i have a lot of time to spend!

and i almost forget how good it feel to just spent ur afternoon by walking, eating, and do wutever u want..and of course with sum1 u like the most!

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