December 30, 2008

Notes and tribute for mon2

I got this note from my manager on the day he went back to India for long holiday...
3 weeks holiday and leaving me alone in our lovely smelly shoes department

Due to his absence, i travelled alone to Surabaya and visit my supplier

So i promised Raymond to take pictures of the food there

*a bit info of Raymond, he was born in Indo but i dunno which part but he spent most of his time in Surabaya and now he and his family is in New zealand

This one called "rawon"
taste: sweet and full of spice
score: 5/10 for this resto
it's a mixture of rica and black color soup with beef or other dishes on the top

This is a plate of cholesterol
u can find fried brain, fried lung, fried lymph, fried tempe
None of this my favourite
then we move to other resto
This one is great!
young coconut on ice!
or local call it " degan "
this 1 for u mon!
then try their " shrimp ball "
my must have menu on every trip

~Bon appetite~

1 comment :

  1. always visit this one evrytime i come to this blog...

    i WILL lay my hand on real degan !!!


    thanks ci!!!!


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