December 30, 2008

India dealers meeting

India dealers meeting 08-09
I shud blog this after my HK open trip, b'coz it was held exactly after the HK open..but nothing to good to remember about this here i blog it 4 weeks later than the actual date
Actually, nothing much to prepare here as i'm only help out during dinner and dance
I know nothing to brag about in this pic, but i'm happy seeing my name on the table
See this?
Helping out in the recept table with Marie
(The people behind the event)

the super girl
after spending 10 freaking days in HK she still the fittest among us!

kat with her "act" busy mode

And me
And i told you guys, nothing interesting in this do not complain to me about this rubbish entry..
~ blah ~
Well, actually there's sumting interesting about this event..they all dance and drunk instead of dinner and dance..
* but i can't post the pics here as there were our staff participate in that chaos

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