September 21, 2008



yoo..yo...a simple update and pics for my first day in's a GREAT PLACE AND SCENERY..everybody shud come here and relax...i love this place, well at least for this 2 days..

It comes to spring now, officially spring last 1st September..still cold and windy..but very RELAXING..really!! and people are super friendly compare to Singapore offense, but who don't know that?! u get the sarcasm? hihihi..

Yesterday, we went to was a Saturday market where they sell a lot of accessories, food, wine, bread, olive oil and things like macadamia nut with shell and chocolate..and many more..

I found this pics..and it's all at side of the tree and sumkind lemon look tree..found this 2 tree on my way to matakana market.

~Sunny cold windy spring~

Arf happily back to the place he call " home"

On the left: i dunno wut is that..
On the rite side: a part of MATAKANA market selling accessories

left: Arf's mom and bro walking down to the centre..
rite: "Opportunity shop" aka second hand shop ^_^

2nd destination!!!

Honey ice cream~this is freaking good!


Additional shot: my favorite!

Cherry Auckland...xixixixi

And oh..oh..this is Arf's bedroom, and now it's my room for 3 weeks..yippie..

that's all for the 1st day-afternoon..actually at nite, we went to Sophie's birthday party..will update the pics later on.


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