October 09, 2008

Ma hair extension..

Lately i got a lot of comments about my new extension hair..and the funny part is they dunno that i did hair extension..so, they quite surprise about how my hair grow so fast to the length of my waist..i'll tell u the little secret..all u need to do is only take 1 1/2 hour of ur time and $$$..


i'll post the picture here, then explain to u the process of hair extension.

my hair before

They braided my hair and tie my braided hair with the extension hair


Voila! long hair is mine now..

and wut make me happy the most is, i can curl it, straightened it and have a messy long hair look with less effort..


anything u like..

luv it

and oh, i forgot to tell u..the cost of this hair extension is $1.50 per strand and $1.00 for the clip on..

u can find it at far east plaza or anywhere else that provide u a good service with more reasonable price.


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