September 08, 2008

My Weekend..

Wiu..wiu..Today is monday, and's not as blue as other monday..i actually feel good today, i dunno wut i feel good about..but i had an amazing weekend, start from concert at OHGS saturday nite..i joined the team as dancer..and there was one moment where the song leader said " no Hosanna song for tonite" which mean..there'll be no dance for i only join 1 dance, which they just cancelled. humm..humm..i'm not so disappointed, but i do feel wasted..all the effort, the time, and the feeling that u've been build until that nite..all wasted.

Alex look so disappointed, well all of us did! and bombie, she's trying to get us in the next day talent show..which was sunday, and i wasn't able to come to church on that day.

Shortly, after all down feeling..the song is On again..and we danced. -_-''

it was an up and down moment for my spirit and feeling..but we gave our best!Thx God for that.

Here are the pics:

~packing time~

Alex and me


Enough for Saturday


Arf just came back from his outing in Kleuang..i will steal his "dragon fruit farm" and post it here..because it's so interesting..hihihi..
We met for early dinner at Garuda vivocity..nothing much, only some camwhoring pic like this..taken by Arf..


and again..
pink 1/2 MOONCAKE

This is Cranberry mooncake...yummy..
This is good..ah, wrong..
This is Fabulously Good!
Given by Arf, he went up to the top of kleunag mountain and get me this..huahahha..
Wut a nice weekend..simple but memorable..

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