September 05, 2008

Bloooodddddy Allergic..!

Remember my Lemonade diet things??

I HAVE TO STOPPED IT..why? i got this bloody damn ALLERGIC of MAPLE SYRUP!!!

See this:

See all the red rashes?? it's ALL in MY FACE!

AND it's FULL..literally FULL all AROUND MY FACE!


it started from Behind my ears, so i tot it's a common reaction becoz my body change it system, but when it spread to my left face..i started to worry, and my Nitemare came tru..within 45's all spread nicely on my smooth fair skin!

How traumatic!!!! i ALMOST never had any pimples, only 1 for every month due to my regular period..but having this shitty rashes that looked like mini scared the heck outta me!

Luckily..luckily..i went to see the rite Doctor, and she gave me the rite medicine and cream..and now i look better..bah!

Will change the mapple syrup to Honey for the next Honey Lemonade diet!


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