September 09, 2008

10 Days countdown..

Wut a hectic days to go thru..

Today is 9 September ' 08
- still working and quite busy with the new things that suddenly come up!
- preparing for my Surabaya trip..if it's stick to the will be 11-13 September 2008

Weekend is coming..13-14 September '08
Going to have mini mooncake party in Arf's house..and go to money changer to change some of NZ$

15-18 September will be rushing for undone work and packing..i hate packing!...

-_-' i'm tired by thinking of this hectic week!

1 comment :

  1. baru mo nanya wikend ini dimana? rumah arip dimana ya,el? pick me up? -->kesannya kaya di hometown, pake jemput dulu hihihihi..


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