September 06, 2008

NZ trip countdown..

In exactly 2 weeks from today i'll be away from this little tiny hectic Singapore and fly to New Zealand..

Here are the small plan we planned for our 3 weeks getaway!

19 Sept '08 : Fly to Auckland for 10 hours ..-_-' luckily we travel by SQ, so there'll be a lot of Entertainment and food! ^_^

Reach Auckland, and ready for our south island trip..for around 9 days to...



Hanmerspring lake



milford sound (cruise) > te anau

and dunedin

Whoaa..when i GOOGLE out those places..i feel in holiday mood already..
here's the a 24 years old girl who ALWAYS live in big (crimefull) city like Jakarta, and Super safe and hectic city like Singapore..These places are like...*Heaven look* city..where there are natural, peaceful, calm and soothing..

*a very perfect place to release your stress*

And ya, i'm going to stay in Arf's house during my stay in NZ, thanks before hand to Nuradi' s family.

Oh no..i'm so excited..

Will update my packing time and all the things later on.

For you...who plan to visit NEW ZEALAND and you are not Singaporean..u need to apply visa for it, and the requirement it's quite different in each country..

New Zealand embassy in Singapore:

*find the address here*

New Zealand High Commission
Ngee Ann CityTower A, #15-06/10391A
Orchard RoadSINGAPORE 238873
Telephone +65 6235 9966
Facsimile +65 6733 9924
Reception Hours: Monday to Friday 0930 - 1300 hrs & 1400 - 1600 hrs

For me, i need to provide..

- Pasport
- employment letter stating that i work in my company and basic salary plus my leave form on my travelling date
- Bank statement
- Passport size photo
-$156 for the appliaction fee
- Application form
- Can't remember..i think that's all..

For Arf's cousin whom will be joining us in NZ trip applied from Indo, he need to prepare the sponsorship in this case, arf's bro..willy, is the sponsor of him.

The processing time takes 2 days in my case, but they said 7 working days or sumting..lucky me.

And if you are a citizen of country like Myanmar..u better apply it earlier, as my friend need to take 2 months before they can let her know whether she can get the visa or not! 2 months man..that's quite to my 2 days approval *wink

The approximate expenses there..humm..when it comes to $$$$ make me headache..


Ticket: 2 to go promotion from SQ cost $1540 return

Accomodation: depends on how rich u are..or how lucky you can get free accomodation.xixixixi...

Meals: normal food $8-$10 per meal
expensive food $20-$30 per meal

Shopping: ehm..

Ticket to South island: $200++

Accomodation+car renatl+food: $2000/5 person..

Ah, i better update this after my trip..this is only the approximate cost that u need to be ready for ur "heavenly look country* hihii
Will keep y'all update..
*still hunting for boots

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