April 24, 2008

Piece of heaven with a golden cream!

Barusan baca-baca blog-nya kak Ria..en liat tulisan-tulisannya yang positive, en itu bikin gw mikir loh " how far did i go from that period ? " maksudnya period dimana gw bisa mikir positive untuk hal2 jelek yang terjadi di idup gw..how long i've been gone from " My faith world " haahhh...*hela napas panjang sambil mikir..

-ternyata yang struggle soal idup and bisa sedih bukan cuma saya yah?-

I thank God for good things that happen in my life, but i often ask for His responsibility when it turns bad! *malu ati..

En gw bener2 nyadar kalo i'm no longer a positive girl that i used to be..and i miss to be one ( again ). My blog full of anger and disappointment..of everything, working place, people, family, EVERYTHING! yang sebenernya mungkin it was me yang jadi masalahnya..bukan environment.

I miss the time when i can support people and how they said i'm such a blessing for them..gosh, i forget how it feel..

i dunno what has happened to me, i start to:

1. Hate church..
2. Hate people in church..
3. hate anyhtign related with Church..

Sampe tadi siang ngobrol ma Ko' Wisin, he's really...ah...* aer mata gw mulai ngambang lagi nie...* he's really a person with golden heart. That's the word..* golden heart* he won't call you for attending services or fellowship but he will guide and go together with you..luv him *hugs..
I start to think people like me, who've been disappointed by church shud really come to him if u dunno how to come to HIM!he'll introduce u to Him.

Ahh..i feel good to finally find a piece of heaven in my day!

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  1. ...numpang nanya non..kak ria itu saya yah? *xixixixixi*

    setuju berat si bapak wisin itu punya golden heart deh...makanya kemanapun dia kita ngekor deh...hehehehe...


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