April 02, 2008

Bloody PMS

PMS? shit...this is the worst things that i HAVE to experience every month!!

I just read an article about this shit and it said " the cause of PMS is unknown "


are u serious? so there's no reason for the crying thingy, extreme emotional feeling, and all..

I maybe write this post becoz i 'm so angry with my PMS condition..everything and everybody annoyed me!..there were one time when i had my PMS..my friend said

" i think u have interpesonal problem.."

WTF?? dun tell me u never get ur PMS turn..or maybe...well i dunno, i dun care!

But, wut irritates me the most is..when u are having ur PMS, u don't know it..and people around u try to figure it out..and it irritate u even more!


read this article.

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