April 30, 2008

Master cleanse detox

I plan to do this " master cleanse lemonade detox " , sounds a bit " unusual " for sum1 like me, who love..oh no, addicted to food..yummy..

* while writing this post i'm thinking about those indonesian local food that make me crave for it taste


And, i've been cutting down my meal since monday..yeah, so i drank all liquid things like milk or soup and ate sumting solid ( but light ) in the evening..

I keep telling my boyfriend that i really wanna lose 18 pounds and clean my digestive system..at first he seems like doubting me..=(

Well, then i print out all the information about this master cleanse things and give it to him to read..with a little bit of forced of course. He read about it though..i'm happy.

And after keep repeating the same thing about this program to him or because he want to see me losing my weight..he finally support me. He even wanna go with me to Mustafa to buy those ingredients.. tonite *excited

Things to buy:


Cayenne Pepper

Maple syrup grade B

Purified water

Laxative tea


So, for 14 day i have to drink around 8 glass of lemonade during day and take a cup of laxative tea at night and salt water early in the morning with empty stomach.

I have to take this salt water things EVERY morning, and according to those who had experience this detox before..this salt water things really kickin' ur shit of u..*literally* uhh...stop imagine, ok? i'm gonna confirm about it soon...hahaha..

So for this Salt Water Flush i have to put:

2 teaspoon of Sea salt uniodized with a glass of luke warm purified water.

And the lemonade:

For every 10 oz of (spring or purified) water,
combine: 2 tbsp fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice
2 tbsp genuine maple syrup
1/10 tsp cayenne pepper

uhmm..seems like a tough day to pass by!

But, i dunno why..i'm so excited to start..and i read a lot about this master cleanse could really clean ur system and push all the toxin away from ur body..i can't wait to be healthy again..not becoz i am sick now..but i really feel that ever since i move to Singapore, i am weaker than i used to be. *Excited*

I'm gonna keep track about my Detox, and i'm gonna write all the symptoms, improvement, craving or even sickness that expected to be happen.

2 Days counting down from my detox..anyway, tomorrow nite me and arf invite ricky and jojo for dinner..i'm gonna cook seafood for them..hopefully it will good or else??!! i'm gonna buy sumting from resto and claim it as mine!hahahahaha...

Ciao..gonna do some work!

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  1. hey, aku juga lg mau mulai master clean diet nih, tapi ingung cari maple syrup grade B dimana huhu :(. Kalau kamu belinya dimana kalau dijakarta ? aku udh search Mustafa yg kamu bilang. Disana ada gak ? makasih hihi :D


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