April 12, 2008


Ok, call me crazy to bring this topic up again..and i really dun care if the person whom i write about is reading my blog..! becoz i suddenly feel " bo kambuan " ( not satisfy ) if i don't wrote it out...

This is about some1 in my past..some1 close to me in the past, that i found a bit phsyco..and weird of course, pathetic..not to forget to mention it!

It started when i came back from my CNY trip from Jakarta, as long as i remember i never promised about meeting him! ya..i definitely never!i always say " we'll see how.. or.. " if i have time, maybe yes..."

my happy-sad CNY went well 'till the very last nite before my return to sg...this guy (call him " Y ") gave me a call..and asked whether i'm free that nite...

* u know wut..do u think i will free in my last day in indo? use ur ass to think mr. Y *

then of course i said "no, i'm out for dinner and karaoke * eventho i can't sing* with some friends"

u are free to join if you want to..* i'm quite nice by inviting him, rite?

then the conversation goes like this:

Y: uhmm...i have a band practise, later i'll call u..."

Me: i dun have local number..i have returned it to my mum!

Y: so how? who should i call?

Me: i'm going out with H..u can call her

Y: ok

Then until the end of the nite he didn't call at all...and after we finished karaoke my friend said he called her cellphone...and i didn't manage to see him..* wink

So i happily came back to sg and he emailed me...with a very weird email..i translate the Indonesia part!! * the one with blue hi-lite is translated by me

his email, only the point that i want to clear on!:

There’s no report when u in Jakarta last week ago… I'm waiting for your news since I now u already arrived in Jakarta…

~ why should i report to you????

All i know from ur last email that u are going to meet PBers…Honestly.. i really want to see you.. Just wanna know, is there any changes on u physically or ur character… What I believe.. it's definitely a positive changes.

~ wut do u care about my changes?? and of course it's positive..

=Cause no news from u 'till day six..And, i dunno ur GSm number so i initiatively called u..Right??

~ yeah..so?

to be honest… I’m little bit sad and disappointed with u in that time…you are the one who ask me to meet you, but when u are in JKT, you gimme no news..and when finally got u..yet it still blur * actually blur is not the rite word..but it juz like uncertain..

~ i didn't promise u anyhting..it juz ur wish that really keen to meet me and u come to ur halusination of me promising that to u!

But, i try to understand you, u said u re busy..in the end...to be honest i'm disappointed but i dun want to remember it

~ I dun need ur understanding at all, i dun even care if you dissapointed! *sorry...did i hurt u by saying this?? do u think i care?

So I decided to forgive u and except u the way u are..

~ EXCUSE ME??? U FORGIVE ME?? u shud say sorry to me for sending me this stupid email and it annoyed my inbox! sigh..wut's in his head? btw, it's accept dude not axcept * quoted from matex!

Always love u El….my sister in Christ…Ho3…Ya wis.. Just wanna say it, it relieve me….HA2… Hope the best for u always….Gud Luck..Say hi to arief… Bye

~ well, i know i'm simply irresistible and lovely...but stop saying always love me..becoz i love u ..no more!

Urrgghhh...Sometimes, i dun understand..and i feel guilty too..i dun understand the part why he has to forgive me...and i feel guilty becoz i know i shudn't feel this way..and i shud forgive him too..* uhmm..if i forgive him..i think i should write him an email too ..hahhaha...


ah, it's raining..

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