July 01, 2014

My signature eyeliner look.

Latest eyeliner favourite by Starlash!

I am loving this because it's glide smoothly and stays throughout the day - No matter if you stays Indoor or  outdoor. I actually don't see this quality coming from a new player - but Starlash that started with their lashes range never failed to impress me.

So, put this brand in your favourite checklist ladies, you won't regret it!


 Just a simple demonstration here, on my signature eyeliner for daily look.
If you would like to re-create this look, prep your face with your basic such as powder/foundation/BB cream or whatever is your preference. Fresh color of blush on your cheek. Keep your eyebrow neat and nicely done. And.. start drawing the eyeliner from the inside towards outside of your eyes..

Can you see the difference?
Left eyes is with the eyeliner and the right side's is without.
 I know drawing an eyeliner is never easy, but keep practice..you will get the steady hand you need :)

So, yeah..'till next time :)

And oh, for those that follow me in Instagram (@eldiona) and have been asking me if I am ok now..thank you for the concern! I am feeling better and never this better before. I finally back on track - only going to a different destination :)

I have made up my mind to get the happiness out of my new job as full time Mommy.
Wish me all the best.

PS: This photo taken when I was 5 kgs heavier than I am now :P
 photo signature-lips.png


  1. My problem with eyeliner: I never apply it thick enough, so the effect is not that visible. I don't know why, probably too scared that I'd go overboard :p
    Any tips?

    1. Try to go bold? and see how do you like it?

  2. hm bisa beli dimana ya starlash eyeliner ini? ada di indo ngga? pengenn hehehe


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