July 29, 2014

Juventus is coming to Singapore!

This blog was written by le Mr.

I didnt love soccer since i was little. I have only grown fond of it in my high school days when i was staying in my school dormitory along with a few  U17 New Zealand All Whites. Where i can see them practicing and competing.

So when you start watching soccer, you must have a team that you support. Again these U17 players sways me to some players and eventually made me rooting for one team. The players was Edgar Davids, Zinedine Zidane and Allesandro Del Piero, they were the member of Juventus F.C 1999 and now the legends for Juventus F.C

Old players left new players joined the team, but I have been following and supporting this team throughout their ups and downs, season after seasons. I made a promise to myself, that if i have the chance to go to europe, i will make sure to check the schedule when will Juventus play during the weekend and made watching them live in their home is part of the itinerary.

Going to Europe still a long way to go for us since our baby, but i heard great news that JUVENTUS IS COMING TO SINGAPORE!!! This will be a game I should not miss at all! They will be playing at the new Singapore Stadium playing against Singapore all star. Although i would rather see them playing more equal team such as Roma, AC Milan or even other BPL Counterparts, it is still a match to look forward for.

All soccer lovers, lets go to watch the game and enjoy the atmosphere of watching the game live in the new
singapore stadium. Who knows Buffon, Tevez or Pirlo can take a photo with the fans like me :D

All you need to do is just like the image, share the post with your favourite football moment, and tag  5 of your friends to stand a chance to win
the tickets.

I'll see ya there!

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