June 30, 2014

Biolee journey with me - Part 1

Hallo! Is there anyone suffering from Acne? If you do, i think it's important to know about Biolee, who knows this one is a life saving skincare for your acne :)

Before we start, let me share with you what is this Biolee Acnepris is all about. Acnépris products are formulated for treating acne problems of women in their 20′s and 30′s. acnépris is a quality natural cosmetic brand that does not contain chemical such as salicytic acid and triclosan, normally found in other treatment cosmetics.

The main ingredient of acnépris is “Pine Pollen Extract” known has excellent antibiotics and anti inflammatory effect against propioni bacterium acnes (the most common form of acne bacterium).
Just as cotton worn close to the skin is better than polyester, so too, natural ingredients are better than chemicals in skincare.

It's great to have a complete set of products when you are intending to have a good result.

Let's start with the Purifiying cleanser foam.

This rich facial foam cleanser takes out the remains of the makeup, sunscreens, dirt, oil, even trouble-causing factor. The natural pine pollen extract reduces the trouble on acne/oily skin.

Because I don't wash my face with soap in the morning, I use this at night to keep my skin clean and ready for the night regime.

All you need to do is to take a size of corn and apply it on your face with a splash of water.

I always do circular motion whenever i apply something on my face, that includes washing my face.

Rinse your face with a luke warm water and dry in gently with a clean towel. You might want to have a clean towel for your face, not the usual towel that wipe to whole body with.

I can feel my skin is super clean, fresh and i know that Biolee is a good investment for my skin.

Do note that one of the way you can keep you face clean is to avoid touching your face with your hands. Our hands is dirty. We used to say to the children " don't put your hand to the mouth!! It's dirty! " , right?

So let's remind ourselves on that too, ok?

Be sure to stay tune on my page for my journey with Biolee

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