July 13, 2014

Lovely range from Panier Des Sens

As someone who loves scented items, Panier Des Sens collections are perfect  to pamper my busy day as stay home Mommy.

At first, I thought, being a full time mom means i have free time at home to do whatever I like and pretty much nothing much to do - maybe it's true for some lucky mommy. But for me, taking care of my 9 months old love alone, and without a help of maid can be pretty occupied most of the times. But..more about this later.

So yeah, i will have my " me time " when le hubby is back from work. I usually let le baby spend time with his daddy so i can sneak out to soak myself in a warm bath tube, reading my Glamour magazine and just pretty much taking my break :) Usually the old pampering habit continue..with the full body scrub!
Let's scrub those dead skin cell away, shall we?

If you have almost the same habit like me, please try Panier Des Sens Honey sugar scrub. It's selling at SGD 45 and available at takashimaya level 3 in a gift section.I might be bias because the smell is no nice and the texture is in soft sugar moisture that leave my skin clean, moisturized and oh so smooth.

Also, do try out their Honey lip balm to give the best of honey on your lips.
SGD 23

And my current Honey & Propolis hand cream.
SGD 23

Apart from the goodness of Honey, I enjoy the fresh Rose scent to give me a little boost to run my day.
Yes, I am guilty in applying eau de parfum even at home :) and actually, I (sometimes) spray some calming scent for my bed time too. :)

Panier Des Sens Rose Eau De Parfum doesn't give a typical sweet rose kind of scent.
It's fresher with a little tint of nature smell. Unique and I am loving it.
SGD 50

The range are complete from the shower Gel, body lotion and hand cream.
Available in travel size too.

Available at Takashimaya SC " The Gift Box " on 3rd level.
Do check it out!

They have awesome range for you.

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  1. I'm so interested in propolis products nowadays, thanks for sharing this!


  2. agree !!
    taking care of a baby without a help of a maid can be pretty occupied



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