May 17, 2014

My weight loss journey with Mary Chia..

Oh yes! I am a happier Momma.
Not only that I am already back to pre pregnancy weight..BUT I am already lighter than my pre pregnancy weight!

WOHOOOOOO!! Thank you to Mary Chia!
I super duper love their weight loss program.

Go and try their Intensive weight vaporizer treatment.
The vibration bed and air-pressure slimmer effectively promote lymphatic drainage while sauna and full-body wrap seal in the slimming benefits for a svelte figure.
I couldn't believe myself when my fat thigh could look slimmer and better.
They are really a trained and experienced consultant and therapist, it's like they know what are they doing and how they make you achieved the desire body image.

There were a time when my weight hit plateau, it just stuck in certain number and it won't go down from few days. So I consulted Irene - the experienced branch manager in Mary Chia Goldhill Centre (My favourite outlet), I spoke to her..about my problem and seeking her opinion on what should I do to go further on the treatment. Irene is a very kind lady and I LOVE they way she explained stuff to me, she was mentioning that my body metabolism has changed since I gave birth to baby Ethan. The hormone changed the whole metabolism - that is why I hit the plateau stage. And not only addressing the problem, she then gave me advice on how should I change my diet and guess what?

IT WORKS! on the next weight scale started going down and in a maintainable numbers.

Oh, talking about thigh..I finally have a thigh gap! Heehee..
This photo I took when I am on Intensive weight vaporizer treatment. 
Finally, a nicer, slender thigh of mine.

Call Mary Chia Goldhill Centre for appointment!
6250 7949
183/185 Goldhill Centre
Thomson Road

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