May 24, 2014

Flat tummy after baby?

Yes you can have it back!

I got my flat tummy back with the help of Mary Chia team :)
Weehee! Lucky me, and bless them for blessing me with this journey!

So, If you follow my weekly update through my blog or are surely know that now I am already lighter than my pre pregnancy weight. - BIG grin -

One of the key factor that got me my flat tummy back is the Anti Cellulite LPG treatment.
This is the machine below:

I am on this anti cellulite treatment 3x a week, and let me tell you that the result is superb!
It breaks the fat cell and contour the body in the same time.2 jobs in a go.

Can you see that my tummy is pretty much flat now from the photo below?
Not because I am laying down, if you have lotsa fat on your matter what you do, the fat will still bulging out anyway. When I snapped this pic and take a look at it, I was actually really surprised to see the improvement I had during the treatment.

I mean, I never doubt Mary Chia's treatment..but I never know that it will be THIS good.

So, if you want to experience my journey in getting a flat know you need to call
Mary Chia Goldhill Centre for appointment!

6250 7949

183/185 Goldhill Centre
Thomson Road


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