May 12, 2014

Chacott flagship is open in Mandarin Gallery!

Singapore’s retail scene is set to excite as we welcome the opening of the first SouthEast Asian flagship store for Chacott and Freed of London in the well-placed Mandarin Gallery located within the bustling shopping hub of Singapore, Orchard Road.

 Chacott and Freed of London are two of the most esteemed labels in the ballet world. Both labels have a rich history of producing some of the best handcrafted pointe shoes adorned by the top ballet dancers around the globe, making the two labels the go-to brands for professional ballet needs.

Signifying its enormous global reputation, the brands are represented by strong Dance Ambassadors and major ballet troupes that support the art in Japan, Switzerland and Unites States of America, including the prestigious Singapore Dance Theatre. Chacott Freed of London can be said to represent a quality lifestyle and inspiration of the ballet world.

As a dancer myself - or should i say " retired dancer " , to be in this shop is really bring the whole memories back. It reminded me with my old days where all i think about is to pass my RAD exam or get another new pair of toe shoes :)

With Chacott professional and Freed of London together in one place, I would say it's really the one stop shopping for dancer and yoga enthusiast.

Apart from that Chacott is proud to present its professional stage makeup range, Chacott For Professionals. Chacott For Professionals took inspiration from and was originally created for the needs of the ballet stage. Today, Chacott For Professionals range has now found fans in stage performers, celebrities and professional makeup artists.

Take a look on how gorgeous the range are:

Also, I did some video preview of the collection :)
Do take a look!

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